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I like Sonic.

First of all...Sonic is cooler that Mario. That's okay though...alot of people like Mario better. Not the point...the point is this movie was pretty good. Sound was a lil stange is some sequences, and animation was sometimes too quick, and it WAS just like Madness Avenger...but just like the last guy...It's still pretty cool. I saw alot of work in this movie. Keep making more, I'm thinkin of puttin you on my favorite artist list!

Well, kinda sloppy.

I found it sloppy. The animations were either too slow or too fast. A pretty good idea i guess. I like the whole "mystic quest" kinda' thing. But like I said, the animation wasn't too good. Still, nice work, keep it up!

Well, It could have been worse!

Not bad. It looked to be a 8-10 fps movie. Quite chopy. Also, there wern't alot of sounds...plus it wasn't too long for what happened...but...... I saw the effort in this. I'll give it a five vote, and a "tip"....try try again...good luck, I see potential.

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Hey! That was frikkin' awesome, as usual! This is exactly somethin' I'd expect from you, bud. I played and got a score of 512,500! It was CRAZY fun...<sigh> You just keep on amazin' people, man!

This game rocks!

#1 on my favorites dude. This game is so frikkin' cool...except for a few things...the graphics could have been slightly improved...and the music got really old...that music did fit, but what I'm sayin' is that there should be like a music select type thingie...more that just one song....the programming was awesome and the high-score list didn't work for me...it sat a the loading screen forever...and just never loaded...I even have cable modem...I left and came back like 7 minutes later and it wasn't done... so I just said "forget it!". Otherwise...very interactive and quite fun...my brother said it was pointless, but dont listen to him...he's a nut. I had alot of fun playing, and I wish to encourage you to make a second one. GREAT JOB!!! Oh yeah, one of my reviewers said that my cartoon reminded them of your game...it does seem just like it...I DIDNT COPY I SWEAR...anyway, might wanna go check it out, it's called "Fish Frenzy"! thanks...GREAT GAME!!!

...was there a point? I think I missed it...

No sound, no interactivity, not alot of style, and barely ANY humor! I really didn't understand the point behind this "animation" IF THERE WAS ONE!!!

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